Secure your Business Premises with CCTV in

CCTV Solutions for UAE Businesses

Monitor the movements within your business premises, as well as all of the exit and entry points. Whether you need to install closed-circuit television cameras to comply with local regulations, or would like to make provision for additional security, Lucky Tech can assist. Our IP CCTV solutions also enable you to view a high-resolution live video feed remotely, or record the digital footage using our storage solutions. We can develop notification services for your company that issue an alert when movement occurs, or when there are new video files to view. All surveillance footage can be archived and catalogued for viewing by necessary authorities. Our CCTV and IP camera technicians continuously undergo the necessary training from appropriate government authorities to ensure correct installations are carried out.

Benefits and advantages of CCTV for businesses

  • Keep track of movements on your business premises;
  • Get peace of mind with a 24/7 security setup;
  • Build archives in order to view historic movements;
  • Observe warehouses, offices, retail outlets and payment points; Comply with government regulations;
  • Improve efficiency of staff;
  • Avoid shoplifting and vandalism;
  • Keep an eye on cash tills, important assets and expensive machinery.
  • Create a secure environment for staff and employees

Things to consider for your CCTV installation

We can recommend products and CCTV security cameras depending on your requirements, the space you want to secure and functionality preferences. Things to consider include the following:

Location: indoor and/or outdoor areas may require different products.

Size of the area: larger areas may require multiple cameras or lenses to cover additional angles.

Entry points: decide on the relevance of access control products such as intercoms with advance features like license plate detection and face recognition.

Connectivity: consider WiFi IP cameras or wired CCTV cameras, all with a wide variety of functionality.

Channels and quality: your CCTV system could contain 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels and quality differences like 600TVL / 700TVL.

Design: offices may benefit from small cameras that are aesthetically pleasing and fit with décor.

Visibility: large cameras that are easily noticed also act as a deterrent to unlawful practices.

Scalability: define whether your business or site is likely to expand in future, in order to benefit from suitable systems.

CCTV Systems for Business

Viewing CCTV feeds

View your security footage in real time on video monitors, PCs and smart devices, or return to archives for historic footage on Cloud storage or private storage. Receive motion detection alerts – helpful if you want to be advised of specific incidents as they occur. We offer several solutions for security teams of all sizes.

Guarantees on CCTV systems installed by Lucky Tech

For the security products and cameras used in your CCTV installation, the relevant manufacturing brand’s guarantee will apply (usually one year). Lucky Tech offers an installation guarantee of one year with free call assistance, of which the first month from installation completion also includes free physical call-outs. Tailor-made agreements depend on the complexity of the system.

Types of CCTV cameras

The market offers a large array of security cameras for surveillance systems:

HD IP CCTV Cameras vs Analogue CCTV cameras Most of the camera types listed below are available as either HD IP Cameras or Analogue Cameras. While a traditional setup with analogue cameras and a digital video recorder (DVR) sometimes work out slightly cheaper for tight budgets, the image quality is not as good and more cabling may be required. HD IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras offer high resolution digital security footage via switches and a network video recorder (NVR). They are also better choices for companies that prize scalability and future customisation options.

Dome Cameras So called because of the transparent dome in which the camera is mounted, Dome Cameras can be mounted on the ceiling, suspended from a wall-mounted bracket or even be mobile. To obscure the camera position, the dome can be tinted to allow the camera free rotation, tilting or zoom. These CCTV cameras are available as part of an analogue CCTV or IP CCTV system. For night vision, infrared illuminators can be added.

Box Cameras Some of the most flexible cameras, Box Cameras allow for customisation to meet your security objectives. You can experiment with different lenses, place them outside in a camera housing unit for weatherproofing and add IR illuminators to record footage at night time. Because they are quite visible, they often act as a deterrent to shoplifting, vandalism and theft.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras PTZ Cameras offer several advantages, including high-speed panning and tilting features to view a larger space with a single camera. Powerful zoom lenses with automatic focus can be added, there are cameras that can operate in low light conditions and the flexible remote control is a bonus. They perform well even in direct exposure to the elements, which is helpful in the UAE climate. When connecting a PTZ camera to motion detectors, you can programme it to focus in on activity spots.

Bullet Cameras Small, shaped like a rifle bullet and about the width of a big marker pen, Bullet Cameras offer great picture quality in places where space is limited. They are fairly simple to mount on walls or ceilings and can be adjusted with ease when required. Some of these cameras feature night vision, in which case the bullet camera will usually be slightly thicker.

Infrared Cameras Also called Night Vision Security Cameras, Infrared Cameras can capture video footage in low light conditions and even some video in complete darkness. IR LEDs are often positioned around the camera lens to enable this ‘night vision’. They are normally available as bullet cameras or dome cameras, while speciality cameras offer features like license plate recognition (LPR).