Be safe, ensure Data Backup

Even with great systems in place, information can be lost through theft, fire, computer viruses and hard drive failure. At Lucky Tech, we offer a number of convenient ways to ensure you are able to retrieve data in the event of unfortunate incidents. Along with Tape Backup and Continuous Data Protection (CDP), we offer Bare Metal solutions, Offsite BackupCloud Backup and Network Attached Storage (NAS) Backup.

What are the different types of Data Backup?

Local backup is any type of backup which is kept close at hand or in the same building as the main storage. This includes locally attached USB, NAS, Tape Libraries and bare metal.

Offsite backup is any type of backup which is kept offsite, for example at a different geographic location from the source. This includes any medium, but is stored somewhere else.

Online backup is a type of backup which is continuous or frequent and is done to a storage medium which is always connected to the source. This includes CDP backup.

Cloud backup is similar to online backup and is when data is backed up to a service or storage facility connected over the Internet.