IT Security for your Dubai Business

Knowing that information related to your company and its customers is protected 24/7, is an essential requirement that continues to become more and more important for businesses, no matter where they operate or in which industry. Lucky Tech has experience in setting up surveillance mechanisms, IT auditing solutions, anti-virus and anti-spam programmes, as well as Network Security solutions.

What is the Importance of Network Security?

Consider the risk if your competitors knew your prices, your supplier agreements and what you are paying your employees. What would you do if secure information that forms an integral part of your competitive advantage fell into the wrong people’s hands? We are committed to delivering the best quality IT security service in Dubai.

Network Security is an essential part of the expenditure any business has when it comes to its IT infrastructure. Anti-virus and anti-spam programmes are responsible for protecting your networks from unwanted attention from hackers and others. Lucky Tech can help you to audit your existing systems and advise the best course of action: either after an attack, or to prevent one from happening. Through the use of firewalls and a proper security setup, let Lucky Tech help you secure your data and hardware from elements looking to damage your information or equipment.

Some of the products we work with:

Firewall solutions

  • Cyberroam
  • Fortinet
  • Sonicwall

  • Norton
  • Mcafee
  • Spamhilator
  • Mailwasher
  • Spamfighter

 Cyber Security Services


Lucky Tech is pleased to offer superior defences against cybercrime in conjunction with our partners, who have extensive experience with NATO, Europol and the European Commission.

Our full suite of Cyber Security Services include:


Penetration Testing and Red Teaming – Identify security vulnerabilities and actual breaching of network defences in order to help you achieve key goals.


Security Programme Assessment – Evaluating your information security programme and improving your security posture.


Response Readiness Assessments – Assessing your Security Operations Centre and incident response capabilities, with tips on how to improve your defences by finding and stopping attackers quicker.


Training – Learn the latest techniques from practitioners who have first-hand experience with the latest information and trends.


Cyber Defence Exercises (CDX) – A live war gaming exercise.


Incident Response Services

Please contact us directly for more information or an assessment on +92 346 277 2944.