Voice solutions

Office Telephone Systems and PABX Systems

Make sure your company has an office telephone system that ensures effective and seamless communication with customers and between associates. Internet Protocol Private Automatic Branch Exchange (IP PABX) is one route that you can consider, though Lucky Tech also offers hybrid solutions. Consult us for various Asterisk-based (open source) as well as proprietary system solutions that are perfect for both small companies and large call centres. Check out our wide range of PABX Systems below.

Features and advantages of PABX solutions

There are many well-known brands that can manage your communication requirements through business phone systems. With those, comes a whole host of functionality such as:

  • Your own switchboard
  • Internal extensions
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Call transferring
  • Call reports
  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail auto attendants (IVR)
  • Voicemail-to-email

How can Lucky Tech help your business?

We can help you keep track of calls through call recording and logging. Lucky Tech will help you pick and choose the best voice solution, IP phone network or PABX system for your business, helping you manage your calls and route them effectively. Are you a call centre looking for a solution to manage your inbound traffic? Or a small business with big plans? We can help!

Things to consider for your Business Phone System

1. Size: Are you a one-person entity, a growing enterprise or a large corporation?

2. Scalability: Do you want the option to expand phone lines in future?

3. Business Operations: Are your employees sitting and working at a central office, or are they spread out in remote locations or often ‘on the road’?

4. IT Expertise: Do you have a large company with a dedicated IT team, or do you want a system where a service provider can take care of hardware and maintenance?

5. Budget: Can your business absorb upfront investment in equipment or do you prefer a fixed monthly per-user fee?

6. Control: Do you prefer having total control onsite, or can you work with a Cloud-based solution?

7. Connectivity: Does your business have a consistent high-speed Internet connection, or do you need to rely on physical wiring?

8. Physical vs Virtual: Do you have a large office that needs actual phones and extensions, or could you do business via a virtual phone service that connects to mobile phones?

9. Lines vs Internet: Do you prefer a traditional landline service supplied by a local phone company, or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system?

10. VoIP Phone System Options: Do you want the system hosted at your actual business premises, or would you like a Cloud-based system?