Manage your resources with Servers

As one the most important assets of your organisation, your server manages key network resources. And having a healthy server is of paramount importance in today’s business environment. Therefore, it makes good sense to entrust this essential element to specialised experts. Lucky Tech offers solutions for File and Print Servers, as well as Application and Email Servers. We also assist with Virtual Server solutions.

What is a Server?

A Server is a computer or computer programme that manages access to a centralised resource or service. Servers are an important part of any office network as they enable access to shared files, computer programmes and any hardware resources such as printers and scanners.

Different types of Servers:

File Servers enable files and folders to be shared across the network, with different people having access to different folders and files. Access can be controlled on an individual or group level.

Print Servers enable people to share a printer across the organisation’s network. As with a File Server, different elements can be controlled on an individual and group basis. Access to reporting tools can also enable an administrator to keep track of this resource and its use.

Fax Servers enable people to share, send and receive faxes from their computers, using the company’s fax line. Advanced features such as fax-to-email and email-to-fax can also be configured.

Mail Servers enable organisations to host their own email. Users can send and receive emails. Hosting your own Email Server can give you much more affordable email storage than cloud solutions, through a once-off investment rather than a monthly or annual fee. Administrators can also track and monitor the usage of email more effectively.

Application Servers enable the user to host different applications such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, Microsoft Office suite of products and Adobe among users of a network. This enables users to share a particular application.