Use our Third Party Solutions and Vendor Support

Lucky Tech can facilitate successful tie-ups with your suppliers by offering Ad Hoc Installation, Connection and Dispatch with On-Call or On-Site Support. With our MACD (Move, Add, Change and disconnect) services, you can look forward to a safe and secure move of your IT assets to a new site, followed by adding or changing hardware and software, as well as on request disposal of non-relevant items. Installation is part of the process when you opt for IMACD solutions.

How can we help your company grow?

Are you a supplier or manufacturer of a product, looking to install your product for customers? If so, Lucky Tech can be your reliable partner for installations of all your IT products in the Pakistan. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable staff can help keep your customers satisfied and even seal the deal, as we will help the customer or business with required installation needs.

Lucky Tech’ knowledge of the Pakistan market and infrastructure expertise can help your business grow. Take advantage of our great advice and consultancy services, along with the benefit of us acting as your product installation team.