Communicate through Audio and Video Conferencing

Today, businesses often operate in several destinations with the need to consider multiple time zones. Our Audio and Video Conferencing solutions at Lucky Tech give you the opportunity to take advantage of uncomplicated, timesaving initiatives for web conferences. Schedule meetings with customers, host online workshops, get updates from remote teams and connect with suppliers.

What are the benefits of Audio and Video Conferencing?

  • Increases productivity – Quickens speed of communication to get things done
  • Improves communication – Video conferencing understands queues from voice and facial expressions
  • Reduces travel expenses
  • Allows multi-point meetings across time zones and borders
  • Improves effectiveness

Things to consider when choosing your solution:

  • What is the intended use for the system?
  • Number of sites?
  • Number of participants per site?
  • Size of the room?
  • Connectivity setup?
  • What type of systems or formats will you be calling?
  • Do you need data capability to share files or screens?

Types of systems to consider:

  • Audio-only system
  • Telepresence video conferencing
  • Integrated video conferencing rooms
  • Set-top or appliance video conferencing
  • Desktop video conferencing

Some of the products we work with:

  • Cisco
  • Life-Size
  • Polycom
  • Yealink
  • Skype for business