Web Hosting

Web Hosting is generally referred to a web space where you can host your website and emails data. This Web Space can be from Shared Environment, a VPS or a Dedicated Server. Lucky Tech is offering all types of Hosting Environments in Pakistan and all over the world in very reasonable pricing. There are many types of Web Hosting some of them are described below:

Single Domain Linux Hosting with cPanel

This type of hosting is based on Shared Linux Server. Linux is most powerful and secured operating system as far as hosting is concerned. For ease a most user friendly Control Panel “cPanel” is offered with this type hosting. This is most economical hosting in user can host only one domain but user can create unlimited sub domain and email accounts.

Multi Domain Linux Hosting with cPanel

This is same as Single Domain Linux Hosting but in this type of hosting user can host more than one domains / website. We offer unlimited email accounts, sub domain and databases in our all types of hosting.

Unlimited Hosting with cPanel

In Single and Multi Domain Hosting all are unlimited except Disk Space and Bandwidth. In Unlimited Hosting these two ( Disk Space and Bandwidth ) are also unlimited. This type of web hosting in best for large websites or business.